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The company REA danza brings to you on this occasion a work which will stand you in Buenos Aires, the city and its bustle, where the only law is the tango, everything is a two by four, as someone said there, two bodies in love four legs fought, noise of heels and flashes of patent leather, and meetings and disagreements of a grumbler bellows, from the city everything selles ..... REA uses tango and his music as a speech mediating instrument, crossing an imaginary trip the various states of this world famous music. In Buenos Aires, in a neighborhood, for a day, for a year, over a lifetime. The work is divided into four times of day (morning-noon-evening-night), four times a year (spring-summer-fall-winter), in four places in the area (the village-the tenement-la-la milonga street) that are shared where stories and characters intersect along a timeline in which that culture of the tango emerges and grows ... the soul of Buenos Aires, his color, his sound, the essence of the neighborhood and its people.




CLOTHING: Norma GarcĂ­a


MUSIC LIVE: Che Camerata

ORIGINAL MUSIC: Ariel Hernandez

LIGHTING: Antonio Arrabal

SOUNDMAN: Alvaro Gil