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Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi was born in Busseto (Italy) one 10th of October, 1813. Author of the most popular titles in the lyrical repertoire and undoubtedly Italian's opera most notable and influential composer. 

To celebrate the second century of his birth, Francisco Lorenzo and the R.E.A. Danza ballet Company have wished to pay their personal tribute with a play that combines dance, vertical dance and video.

We are presented with a show full of contrasts, inspired by the composer's personal and professional life experiences, albeit far from a chronological order, where Verdi himself strives through some of the most relevant events in his life.

Verdi believed that any regeneration had its roots engraved in the past, and so the choreographers have wanted to set this drama away from his musical compositions and closer to the Italian artist's life experiences, his childhood, tastes, relationships, his outward coldness, the obsession with his career.

It wasn't all praise and success in the artist's life. His eighty seven years were patched with sad and distressing moments. Perhaps that was the reason behind Verdi's use of his whole fortune to build a home for retired and impoverished musicians: "The Retirement House Giuseppe Verdi For Musicians"

His name became a symbol of patriotic and political fight for his country's reunification, although he stated that he was an ordinary countryman and that he would remain so throughout his life. 

His will is a love message that reflects this man's moral integrity: ..."I want a modest burial, without music or singing, at dawn, so that nobody will turn up"


Ana Pérez Rando

Estefanía González Yuste

Alba Benítez Ruiz

Ana Jaén Rivas

Olga Magaña

Esther Medina

Elena Plaza Morillas

Mercedes Ángel

Nacho Fortes

Diego Arias

Jupa Arias

Choreography: Francisco Lorenzo

Aereal dance: Diego Arias

Video screenings: Jupa Arias

Clothing design: Jacobo Espina

Lighting design: Juan Carlos Gallardo

Clothing: Norma García

Decors: Juan Arias

Production: Cía. REA DANZA

Direction: Jupa Arias – Diego Arias