REA d a n z a


Mar del Plata, March 17th, 1991: twelve people of all ages found the Cía.R.E.A d a n z a [R.E.A Dance Co.] They are all moved by the common need of creating an independent modus vivendi of their own in which they could develop human and artistically their way. Since then, work has been unin-terrupted, researching through dance a way for expressing themselves.

R.E.A's art is deeply rooted in the most genuine forms of the Argentinian popular dances. In a second stage, they will combine these with the classical ballet technique to stylize them. In 1996 they move to Buenos Aires, where tango and other contemporary techniques, including circus acrobatics, will join to their dance style resources. This is the way followed to create their own lan-guage, always in evolution to multiply its expressive means.

Soon after its foundation, appraisal arrives. Be it in form of first prizes in several national festivals and meetings, or by been requested to take part in tours throughout America and Europe to accompany dance and sing stars for whom they create an important number of choreographies. Among those artists: Alberto Merlo, Imperio Argentina, Mariano Mores, Julio Bocca, Julio Iglesias, Cuti y Roberto Carabajal, Ángel Corella...

From the country to the city on a return trip. R.E.A not only use conventional scenic spaces but also natural and urban ones, the purpose being to interact with their objects transforming them into stage elements. Thus any place is good to carry out the fusion of dance and other inspiring arts as music, visual arts, poetry, popular literature, cinema, comic, etc.

The 'penultimate' stage of this nomad adventure opens in 2001 with the moving from Buenos Aires to their present headquarters in Málaga (Spain). A geographical and cultural jump that lets them go on developing and enriching their human and aesthetic foundations as well as contribute to the dynamization of contemporary dance in Andalusia in the last decade.

Now advancing and dominating unorthodox spaces with the incorporation of aerial acrobatics as a definitive symbol permitting the use of horizontal and vertical areas leaving the ground and moving to areas such as external facades, town halls, museums, churches, theatres, fortresses...

This varied creativity has permitted diversity in cultural sectors, from street theatre festivals such as Fira de Tárrega, FITEI or Mundanzas to internationally renowned theatres such as Palais des Festivals de Cannes, Cirque Royal Brussels, Opera de Vichy or Theatre d'Esch sur Alzette de Luxemburg.

At present based in Malaga, R.E.A. danza continues its journey with numerous tours around the Iberian Peninsula, Germany, Belgium, France, United Arab Emirates, without leaving aside their objective of activating culture areas maintaining residency and collaborating in artistic projects, teaching a personal vision of tango through classes and workshops, organizing milongas and bringing dance closer to social and leisure environments.

From 1991 until present day, R.E.A danza have demonstrated a continual prolific trajectory reinventing themselves adapting to present-day without losing their identity nor essence as an artistic project and as a company.