Insólitas situaciones en las que nunca bailarías TANGO


Unusual situations in which you would never dance TANGO is a contemporary tango show that has a triptych theme: bureaucracy, machismo and consumerism, drawn on the same canvas, the Tango. The first panel addresses bureaucratic nonsense, to which we have been enslaved for a few decades to this day. The central panel frames gender inequality through the bondage positioning of women with respect to men. And the last articulated sheet of this dance piece is moved by consumerism, by that desire to buy, have and possess that which is dragged by the cyclone of capitalism. All this with humorous overtones, to achieve that distance that allows us to analyze better the event. All this traced on tango, a folklore that was formed on journeys to and from, and which thanks to being the joint expression of multiple cultures, has become the heritage and folklore of all. This time the REA dance company gives a twist to its way of doing Tango. It takes us to unusual situations in which they would never have imagined ending up dancing tango, situations in which even though dancing a tango is totally out of context, this one, surprisingly and without knowing how, ends up making a stellar appearance and giving the moment an unexpected turn. Three situations of daily life, with their corresponding vicissitudes, begin as usual, but end in the form of a tango.

Idea, choreography and direction Jupa and Diego Arias.
Clothing Norma García.
Scenography Juan Arias.
Lighting design Angel Pedroza.
Production REA producciones.

Mercedes Ángel, Esther Medina, Nacho Fortes, Valeriy Bryuzgin, Jupa Arias y Diego Arias.