La Revirada tango club


The twentieth century begins and with it a place in the world called Argentina, begins to consolidate the tango as their own genre. The REVIRADA Tango Club is a social club that was founded in the same era and has witnessed the evolution of Tango and social and human context that accompanies it. The history of tango, from country and generations pass through this social club, this house of dance, fully permeable to events and stages, and like the tango goes through moments of success and abundance and also for potholes and crisis. For this club have spent up to three generations of neighbours, dancers, tourists, .... Each with their joys and sorrows, their pluses and minuses, they have trodden and have been polished the floor of this beautiful place.

Ended the nineteenth and twentieth began when at the time of the Old Guard tango began to consolidate as a musical genre and began creating tango clubs, where people would play, sing, dance, drink, chat .... Just at that moment was when he was born The REVIRADA Tango Club. The Tango was spreading like a plague throughout America and Europe, until in 1914 with the declaration of the First World War such disclosure is hereby suspended until the end of it. While the world waited for the end of the war, in the REVIRADA tango club, was still ringing the Tango was still ringing but with the sadness and pain that follows a war.

Two transcendental elements appear in the New Guard for the widespread diffusion of Tango: radio and sound films. We are in the Golden Age, tango spreads and THE REVIRADA TANGO CLUB struggles to serve its many customers. The moment of glory, thousands of shoes take up the dance floor, the Club practically never shuts its door, actors, politicians frequent this place. The Tango is fashionable, and all that sound, smell or touch of tango have listed. The glamor of cinema has come to The REVIRADA Tango Club. Beginning of the fifties, enter the Vanguard, where rhythm, traditional harmony and timbre were changed. Long instrumental pieces were composed, with emphasis on listening to tango music more than dancing it. These are new times for music and society, The female figure gained momentum and more freedom due to the great Evita Perón, with an important note in women's suffrage. In the REVIRADA Tango Club now the dance is different; the Union of movement are broken, to pursue other lines and concepts, where dance predominates over the social tango..

Contemporary period, from the seventies, under the overwhelming influence of Piazzolla, tango became an ubiquitous and timeless element of the music. In contrast to the injustices and perjury suffered during the dictatorship by the Argentinian society. It is a time marked by fear, oppression and among many other things unexplained disappearances of thousands of people. After the darkness of dictatorship, democracy returns . Is the tango renaissance, begins a movement of global cultural integration that led to merge musical languages, such as jazz, rock and electronic music among others, which also involved the tango where musicians, generations and different expressions began to interact . In the REVIRADA Tango Club, tango is steeped in modern dance, everything changes position and is renewed. Today is a very powerful moment for tango. After total bankruptcy and becoming political orphans, Argentina puts on shoes to continue dancing and a halo of light seemed to be lifting the whole spirit of South America. It is in the developing and growth of the electronic tango that tango became popular worldwide. Today the tango is the heritage of humanity and in the REVIRADA Tango Club is still dancing.

Idea, choreography and direction Jupa and Diego Arias.
Technical Direction Eladio Cano .
Clothing Norma García.
Scenography Juan Arias.
Lighting design Eladio Cano.
Vídeo screenings Jupa Arias.
Production REA producciones.

Mercedes Ángel, Esther Medina, Estefanía Yuste, Nacho Fortes, Jupa Arias and Diego Arias.