REA d a n z a

The Cía. R.E.A dance, with more than 30 years of experience to support them, extend their work to four fundamental areas of the cultural industry; production of shows, management and organization of cultural events, training of dancers and connection between different entities, places and companies, for the realization of the same common project.

All of them guided by a forceful idea, "polluting the world with dance", since they consider it an indispensable element within the development of society and at the same time of the individual. In this act of "polluting", the company has always acted as a cultural promoter in the different spaces where it has established its residence: La Nave R.E.A., Teatro de las Lagunas, Ciudad de Málaga Athletics Stadium, Caja Banca and C.S.D. Angel Pericet among others. And it has extended its influence beyond the barriers of dance to other artistic fields such as: music, poetry or plastic art.

As for the production of shows, it is worth noting the wide index of premieres carried out by the company, about thirty to this day, ranging from Argentine folklore, to aerial dance, to contemporary dance and, of course, tango. Another interesting fact is that within the company, in addition to the choreographic montage, all the fields involved in the production of a show are managed: musical composition (there are several shows with original music), scenery (design and construction), costumes (design and elaboration), technique (lighting, sound and audiovisuals) and tax department.

REA dance Co. was in charge of the management and organization of a 6-hour dance marathon, for the international day of dance, in Malaga, for three consecutive years (2007-2008-2009), led by the Area of Youth of the Malaga City Council. Including three editions of the Años Reos, a great cultural event to celebrate the anniversary of its foundation, with more than 40,FOC, cultural activities, carried out over 15 days in different areas of the city of Malaga, where dance merged with music, cinema, theater, poetry or photography, creating a space for artistic interaction where the development of these disciplines was promoted.

As for the training of dancers, in addition to having experience in conducting workshops and courses in different dance modalities, the company's uninterrupted way of working offers an open space for dancers who want to keep fit and share classes. technique and / or physical preparation, with active dancers. R.E.A dance always has its doors open, non-profitable for the company , to anyone who wishes to participate in this training, so necessary for dancers, and anyone who wants to dance.

On various occasions the Cía. R.E.A dance, has served as a bridge between institutions and companies from different places. A clear and recent example was its involvement in 2014, in the Synergos project, which involves, in the same purpose, public and private institutions from different fields such as: education, culture, stage technique, ... Synergos was promoted by the company and participated in: The Cánovas Theater, the Higher and Professional Conservatory of Dance in Malaga and the National Dance Company. The result of this project was the show Verdi que te Quiero V.E.R.D.I., where a choreographer and lighting designer from the Compañía Nacional de Danza was brought in, a cast was formed with dancers from the CIA R.E.A dance and C.S.D. Angel Pericet,the Conservatory dance studios were used for rehearsals and the Sala Gades for the premiere and programming.

For the last quarter of the century CIA R.E.A dance has lived for nothing more than dance, projecting it from their perspective, from their truth, proposing projects and shows where dance is always the nerve engine of the experience.